The Vision

Imagine supplying all of the houses in our shire with electricity, plus raising money for local projects and local shareholders while cutting carbon emissions!

Our vision is as simple as this:

  1. To take leadership on renewable energy and to produce a model that is scalable and replicable, and be a beacon for others 
  2. To use renewable energy to produce a large proportion of the shire’s needs
  3. To reduce emissions significantly in the shire
  4. To have a project that is strongly supported by the local community
  5. To have a project that is largely locally built and uses local resources
  6. To enable the community to own and operate the power generation facilities
  7. To realise financial, social and sustainability benefits in the local community and its economy
  8. To produce a technologically and economically viable renewable energy business

MASG Community Renewables project plans to bring the following benefits to the community:

  • clean, renewable energy to cover a significant part of the electricity needs of our Shire

  • community ownership and control of a community asset

  • healthy returns on money invested by shareholders

  •  new sources of community funding through the creation of a community fund

  • new local green jobs

  • positive action on climate change

  • scaled to the electricity needs of the local area

Benefits of community-owned power:

The diagram below describes the many possible benefits of community-owned renewable energy. 

From: J Hicks & N Ison (2012) Home Energy Handbook, Centre for Alternative Technology.

Community-owned wind turbines, for example,  have the potential to generate clean renewable electricity and offset a large proportion of the greenhouse gas emissions currently produced by burning non-renewable coal. In a community-owned wind project, local people own the turbines and make the decisions. There will be opportunities for all Shire residents to have a financial and decision-making stake in the project if they wish to.

We expect that a viable community wind farm in our Shire would consist of at least three 2 megawatt (MW) turbines, which would produce up to 6MW of electricity. This would power over 3,000 local homes, meeting 50% of the shire’s household electricity needs.

It would reduce our Shire’s annual greenhouse gas emissions by 18,000 tonnes, reducing emissions from electricity generation for the shire by 15%. This emission reduction would be equivalent to taking more than 4,000 cars off the road. With six 2MW turbines we could supply all of the household electricity needs of the Mount Alexander Shire.


* Photo: courtesy of Maldon District Bendigo Bank.