Wind FAQs

Where did the idea for a community-owned wind farm come from?
How long will it take to put up turbines?
How many turbines could a wind farm have? And how big are they?
How much electricity does one turbine produce?
Why build a community-owned wind farm? Shouldn’t we leave this up to the big corporate energy companies?
How much impact will MASG Community Renewables have on cutting greenhouse gas emissions?
How long does it take for a wind farm to be carbon neutral or to pay back the energy required to produce and install it?

How would the project be funded?
Where are you planning to build the wind farm?
Are wind farms commercially viable?
Are wind turbines safe?
Can there be health impacts from wind turbines?
What sounds do wind turbines produce?
Do wind turbines produce infrasound?
What is the project's relationship to the Mount Alexander Shire Council?
How do the State Government's Wind Guidelines affect the project?
Are wind turbines really 'green'?
Do wind turbines affect property values?
Do wind turbines affect birds and bats?
What does the Country Fire Authority say about wind turbines?
What does Hepburn Shire Council think of having wind turbines in their back yard?
What about the visual impact on the landscape?
Who is responsible for taking the turbines away at the end of their productive life?